Ayurveda Treatment Methods

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KUMKUMAADI LEPAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) Effective for pimples, black marks and rings under the eyes. Used as a cosmetic as it improves complexion. Apply after washing the face.

MAHAATHIKTHAKA LEPAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) Indications similar to Rasothamadi Lepam. Used for external application in skin diseases.

RASOTHAMAADI LEPAM: (Rasarathna samuchayam)- Apply over wounds, pimples etc. after cleaning thoroughly. Best for cracks on the hands and legs.


ELANEERKUZHAMBU : (Sahasrayogam) - Used in eye diseases like inflammation, cataract and eye disorders caused due to heat and smoke - use 1 to 4 drops in each eye.


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ayurvedic treatments

ayurvedic treatments