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Types of digestive fires in Ayurveda


tairbhavedviṣama: tīkṣṇo mandaścāgni: samai: sama: ||

There are four types of Digestive fires (Agni)

1. Vishama Agni – Influenced by Vata. A person with Vishama Agni will sometimes

have high appetite, and sometimes, low appetite.

2. Teekshna Agni - Influenced by Pitta. A person with Teeksna Agni will have high

digestion power and appetite.

3. Manda Agni - Influenced by Kapha. A person with Manda Agni will have low

digestion power and appetite.

4. Sama Agni - Influenced by perfect balance of Tridosha – Where person will have


proper appetite and digestion power. Digestion occurs at appropriate time.