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Sukumaram kashayam and its application

Sukumaram kashayam and its application Sukumaram Kashayam is also called as Sukumara kashaya. It is one of the powerful Ayurvedic herbal kashaya highly useful in treating severe pain during menstruation and severe back pain during menstruation. It is also helpful to relieve constipation quick.

Ingredients – Punarnava - Boerhaavia diffusa Vilwa - Aegle marmelos Kasmari - Gmelina arborea Patala - Stereospermum suaveolens Syonaka - Oroxylum indicum Agnimantha - Premna corymbosa Prisniparni - Desmodium gangeticum Saliparni - Pseudarthria viscida Kantakari - Solanum melongena Bhadra - Aerua lanata Gokshura - Tribulus terrestris Payasya - Holostemma annulare Aswagandha - Withania somnifera Eranda - Ricinus communis Satavari - Asparagus racemosus Darbha - Desmostachya bipinnata Kusa - Eragrostis cynosuroides Sara - Saccharum spontaneum Kasa - Imperata cylindrical Ikshumoola - Saccharum officinarum (sugar cane root) Potagala - Sphearanthus hirtus Krishna - Piper longum (long pepper) Krishnamoola - Piper longum (root) (long pepper root) Yasthimadhu - Glycyrrhiza glabra Mridweeka - Vitis vinnifera (dry grapes) Yavani - Cuminum cyminum Shunti - Zingiber officinale (ginger) How to make Sukumaram kashayam:

All the herbs are taken in equal quantities, made into coarse powder, kept immersed in water overnight. next day morning, it is added with 8 parts of water and heated in mild fire, to reduce it to one fourth quantity. filter it and take it while it is mild hot. Indications: Constipation, Severe pain during menstruation, relieve constipation quick. Dosage: Kashayam – 5 ml added with equal parts of water and consumed, before food. Sukumaram kashayam tablet – two tablets, two times a day, before food.

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