Although the famous herb

Aswagandha is most widely

known as a rejuvenative herb

which gives strength and

vitality, this preparation brings

out Aswangandha’s

considerable nervine

properties. It rejuvenates the

entire nervous system,

nurturing, calming and

clarifying. It is useful for

neurological and mental

disorders, psychosis,

epilepsy, insomnia, fainting

and loss of memory.


Jaggery, Sugar, Honey,

Ashwagandha, Brahmin ginseng,

Five flame bush, Indian madder,

Chebulic myrobalan, Turmeric, Tree

turmeric, Licorice, Vanda orchid,

Giant potato, Arjuna myrobalan,

Nutgrass, Transparent woodrose,

Indian stinging nettle, Indian

sarsaparilla, Sandalwood, Malabar

kino, Sweet flag, White leadwort,

Cardamom, Cinnamon, Patchouli,

Callicarpa, Ginger, Black pepper,

Long pepper, Indian ironwood.

Recommended use:

1-2 Tbsp./15-30 ml. twice daily.

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