Weight Loss Through Simple Home Remedies

Being overweight is quite certainly one of the greatest health risk people over the world are facing today. Medically, this condition is known as obesity. Obese people are very vulnerable to a large number of lethal diseases, such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems, diabetes, paralysis and gangrene. Hence, doctors and medical experts all over the world stress on maintaining a healthy weight to keep most diseases at bay. In Ayurveda, there are several dietary and herbal techniques by which people can reduce weight. Just like it does in other treatments, Ayurveda does not believe in any kind of debilitating treatment methods; instead its treatments are centered on making the person lead a healthier lifestyle. The following article is about some of the best remedies and methods that people can do within their homes to achieve a healthier profile. Treatment with Simple Home Remedies

Remedy # 1 This one is not actually a remedy, but it is the most important thing you must do in order to keep your weight in a normal level. And that is, stick to a healthy diet.

The following are the dietary guidelines you must follow in order to keep your waistline healthy: -

1.Do not overindulge in eating any one type of food. Keep your diet balanced.

2.Keep the intake of sugars and fats to a minimum. The fats to be avoided are the saturated fats and the trans-fatty acids.

3.Too much carbohydrates build weight. Hence, the intake of rice and potatoes must be reduced. Wheat, barley and maize are ideal substitutes for rice in people who has weight problems.

4.You must have at least one bitter vegetable per day. This helps in the proper metabolism of fats and do not allow them to accumulate in the body.

5.Never eat to full capacity.

6.Consume a lot of fluids in the day. This helps to eliminate the undigested foods effectively.

7.Exercise is extremely important. It is necessary to indulge in mild physical activity after each meal even if you cannot make time to go to a gym.

Remedy # 2 Have a totally salt-free diet once a week. This helps reduce weight. Also skip a meal once in a month.

Remedy # 3 Prepare chutney of mint leaves. This must be taken with every single meal. It helps in the proper breaking down of the fats. Also begin your day with a cup of mint tea.

Remedy # 4 Vitamin C is very good for people who are looking to reduce their weight. Since amalaki (Emblica officinalis, Indian Gooseberry) is the best source of vitamin C in the world, it is good to eat two three fruits of the amalaki each day. Also have a glass of any one citrus fruit - orange, lemon, etc. - each day. Green leafy vegetables also have good vitamin C content. They can be consumed raw in the form of salads.

Remedy # 5 Honey is very good for mobilizing the fats in the body. Take a spoonful of honey half an hour after every meal. A good remedy is to mix a teaspoonful of honey and lemon juice and have it twice a day. Alternatively, you can take a bowl of warm water, put a teaspoonful each of honey and lemon juice and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. This is a very good remedy to dissolve the excess fats.

Remedy # 6 The Indian plum, i.e. jambula, is renowned for its weight controlling properties. Jambula dissolves the excess fats and gets them properly utilized in the body. Take four leaves of the jambula plant and soak them in a glass of water overnight. In the morning, discard the leaves and drink the water on an empty stomach. If you do this everyday, then you will find a positive reduction in your weight in three weeks or a month. Diet recommended to lose weight Early morning • Juice of half a lemon mixed in a glass of warm water and a teaspoon of honey.


• Wheat or Mung bean sprouts and a cup of skimmed milk. Midmorning

• A glass of orange, pineapple or carrot juice.

Lunch • Salad of raw vegetables such as carrot, beet, cucumber, cabbage, tomatoes. Steamed or boiled vegetables

• Whole grain bread or whole wheat chapatis (Indian bread) and a glass of buttermilk.

• Roasted cumin seeds, green coriander leaves, a little salt and some grated ginger mixed in the buttermilk.


• Coconut water

• Dry fruits

• Lemon tea

• Fresh vegetable soup Dinner

• Whole grain bread or chapatis

• Steamed vegetables

• Seasonal fruits except banana and apple. Home Remedies for Losing Weight

• Increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables and low calorie foods.

• Avoid intake of too much salt as it may be a factor for increasing body weight.

• Milk products like cheese, butter etc. and non-vegetarian foods should be avoided as they are rich in fat.

• Mint is very beneficial in losing weight. A chutney of green mint with some simple spices can be taken with meals. Mint tea also helps.

• Spices like dry ginger, cinnamon, black pepper etc. are good for loosing weight and can be used in a number of ways.

• Regular intake of carrot juice.

• Avoid rice and potato, which contain a lot of carbohydrates. Among cereals wheat is good.

• Vegetables like bitter gourd (Karela), and bitter variety of drumstick are useful in loosing weight.

• Honey is an excellent home remedy for obesity. It mobilizes the extra deposited fat in the body allowing it to be utilized as energy for normal functions.

Dosage: One should start with small quantity of about 10 grams or a tablespoon, taken with hot water early in the morning. A teaspoonful of fresh lemon juice may also be added.

• Fasting on honey and lime- juice is highly beneficial in the treatment of obesity without the loss of energy and appetite. For this, mix one teaspoon of fresh honey with the juice of half a lime in a glass of lukewarm water. Dosage: Take several times a day at regular intervals.

• Raw or cooked cabbage inhibits the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat. Hence, it is of great value in weight reduction.

• Exercise is an important part of any weight reduction plan. It helps to use up calories stored in body as fat.

• Walking is the best exercise to begin

Ayurvedic Food Recipes for Weight Loss Ayurveda has put emphasis on food, not only for its basic nature as a fuel for running the body but also for its overall impact on the health of a person. Food taken for balancing the doshas, keep one fit and fine. If anyhow, someone develops diseases, ayurveda cures them also through natural ways. For obesity or unnatural weight gain, Ayurveda suggests to improve food habits and taking diet according to Ayurvedic body type. Ayurvedic Foods for Weight Loss Ayurvedic food for balancing all the three doshas include, cooked oatmeal, psyllium chapattis or flatbreads, khichari, mung dal soup, lauki squash, green leafy vegetables, stewed fruit, lassi, ginger lemon appetizer drink, spiced tea, spiced milk, pomegranate chutney, spice mix, and many more. From among innumerable dosha balancing food, there are some that are specifically beneficial for losing weight. Some of such food recipes are described below. Recipes for Weight Loss Khichdi: Khichdi can be described as a porridge type of dish prepared from mung lentil and rice as the main ingredients. Various herbs and spices make it a healing recipe for various diseases. Ayurvedic therapies use it for cleansing due to its ease of digestion and assimilation. Khichari can be eaten by persons with any type of doshas but is especially good for vata.

Ingredients: • 3/4 cup basmati rice • 1/2 cup split moong dal (lentil) • 1/2 tbsp ghee or sesame oil • 1 tsp cumin seeds • 1 tsp mustard seeds (optional) • 1/4 tsp hing also called Asafoetida • 1/2 inch finely chopped ginger • 1/2 tsp turmeric • 1/2 tsp salt • 1/2 tsp red chili powder • 4 to 6 cups of water depending upon the consistency desired. Directions: • Wash the lentil and rice together. • In a heated heavy-bottomed saucepan or pressure cooker add Ghee (clarified butter) or oil. • When ghee gets warmed, add hing, cumin and mustard seeds. Wait till the seeds crackle. • Add chopped ginger, sauté for about 30 seconds. • Add rice and dal, turmeric, salt and chili powder. • Mix in gently. • Add water and bring to a boil over high heat, stirring occasionally. If using saucepan, cover it, reduce heat to low and cook undisturbed until soft for about 30 minutes. • Switch off heat, let khichari rest for 5 minutes. • If using pressure cooker, cook the khichdi for one whistle. • Let the cooker cool off. • Fluff it up gently with a spoon, add a tablespoon of ghee (optional) and serve. Yellow Mung Lentil Soup: Simply called ’dal’ in India, mung lentil soup is an excellent Ayurvedic diet which reduces the effects of Kapha and Vata Doshas. The spices and cilantro(coriander), used in this preparation reduces the Pitta Dosha. It is light and easily digestible. Anyone can have it without any worry about gaining weight. Ingredients: • 1 cup of yellow split mung dal ( yellow lentil) • 6 cups of water • 1/2 tsp. black mustard seeds • 1 tsp. cumin seeds • 2 tbs. of ghee (clarified butter) • 1 pinch of hing (Asafoetida) 2 tbs. freshly chopped fresh cilantro (coriander) leaves • 1/2 tsp. rock salt • 1/2 tsp. ground coriander seeds Directions: • Wash the Mung dal. • Add the dal and water together in a pot. Cook for 30 minutes. • Stir the mixture occasionally till the lentil becomes soft. • Add Ghee to another pan and heat at medium heat. • Add all the spices when hot. • Now add this spiced Ghee mix to the soup. • Garnish with chopped cilantro leaves. • Have it alone or with whole wheat chapattis or rice. Apart from having light, digestible and dosha balancing foods, reduce weight by natural ways by following the below tips: • Mix one spoon of honey and juice of one lemon in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink it on an empty stomach every morning. It helps in activating metabolism which reduces fat from body. • Drink lots of water. It helps in flushing out toxins. • Increase fruit and vegetable intake. • Include Mint, Carrot, Ginger, Cinnamon and Black Pepper in your food recipes. They are excellent detoxifying agents. • Include fiber-rich food like Oat Brans, Beans, Lentils, Fruits, Vegetables, especially green vegetables like Broccoli, Asparagus, Kale, Cabbage, Green Beans etc. in your diet. • Exercise regularly. If not heavy work-outs, at least go for walking, jogging or swimming and may be followed by running, swimming or rowing. • The gum of Commiphora Mukul called ’guggulu’ is the drug of choice for the treatment of obesity.

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