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Migraine Pain Relief Tips

Living with migraine cannot be easy for anybody but there are some migraine pain relief tactics and methods one can adopt to help ease the situation a little bit.

If your specific case of migraine is being caused or worsened by a psychological trigger such as tension, nervousness, anxiety or depression it is imperative to deal with it from the root. Taking medications will definitely enable some migraine pain relief but to be able to alleviate your problems and hardships in the long run you need to be able to tackle the cause itself. It is important to identify the source of the problem and why it exists. If you are dealing with tension or nervousness for some specific issue try to resolve it calmly and collectedly. If you are suffering from prolonged depression it is imperative to visit a counselor and seek professional help. One must understand that such intricately linked medical problems end up feeding each other further. You need to be able to cut off one to cut off the other and hence, this cannot be done without professional guidance.

In the mean while, there are numerous ways of finding migraine pain relief. One of the best ways of doing so is to use butterbur, which is a herb that is found in regions of North America, Asia and Europe. Fragments extracted from butterbur and distilled into medication forms can be used to cure a number of conditions like allergies, breathing problems, cough conditions and migraines.

Butterbur extracts can be taken two times a day, 75 milligrams each time for around a period of 4 months and one will notice a definite improvement in the condition. There are a few digestive side effects but none are noticeable enough to be a hindrance on the path to recovery.

Butterbur can be extracted in a number of ways and procured in a number of forms. While some people prefer to use the herb in its raw form most people are more comfortable with somewhat processed forms. Butterbur can be found in the form of medicinal tea and butterbur capsules.

If you want to make a dietary change to deal with your migraine condition there are a number of alterations you can adopt. To begin with, vegetable juices are extremely useful in dealing with a migraine condition. Drinking carrot juice along with some parts of other vegetables on a daily basis can help to boost health very quickly. One can choose to make a juice by mixing 300 ml of carrot juice with 200 ml of spinach juice. Carrot juice also works well with mixtures of beet juice and cucumber juice.

It has been found that toxin buildup in the body can also create a propensity for migraines. So, by removing the toxins from the body by fasting and eating only certain foods one can cure infections and remove migraine triggers from the root. It has been found that an intake of only ample water and orange juice for a period of three days can make all the difference in the world to a severe migraine condition.

Types of headaches.

With headaches can be irritating and unpleasant and pain is inevitable, it actually comes in various forms. It really is important for a person to know the different types of headache and migraine symptoms so proper diagnosis can be made and appropriate migraine headache relief treatment be given.

1. Migraine headaches

Pain typically occurs on the one side of the head. This type of pain can become severe to the point that it can even interfere with a persons daily quality of life.

2. Cluster headaches

Pain is severe and sudden. Cluster headaches typically have a shorter lifespan compared to other forms of headache, it can trigger up to six times a day.

3. Sinus headaches

Irritation, swelling and infection of the sinuses can trigger the sinus headache pain. Headaches of this type are sometimes mistaken to be tension and migraine pains.

4. Rebound migraine headaches

This type of migraine headache pain can sometimes be caused over-consuming migraine headache medications. Instead of the giving migraine headache relief, pain reliever medications can actually cause migraines if abused.

It's being said that the epidemic of the 21st century is stress, and not surprising it's now one of the main causes of migraines today. We live in a world where we are bombarded with information overload, traffic, stress factors, allergies and so on, on a daily basis, all of which can trigger migraines and other illnesses. We need to be aware of what steps we can take to give us a better quality of life.

The possible causes of migraine include:

(1) Having allergies and allergic reactions to food, smoke, medicine and others;
(2) Very bright lights, extremely loud noises and usual odors or scents;
(3) Physical, mental or emotional stress or the combination of the three;
(4) Irregular sleeping and resting time;
(5) Exposure to heat, smoke and direct sunlight;
(6) Frequent skipping of meals;
(7) Frequent intake of alcoholic beverages that are rich in sulfate;
(8) Menstrual cycle fluctuations, taking birth control pills, and hormonal changes;
(9) Stress, tension and pressures;
(10) Foods containing monosodium glutamate such as snacks and finger foods, and tyramine such as red wines, preserved cheese, grilled fish, chicken livers and beans; and
(11) Other foods such as dairy products, fermented meats and those that are high in caffeine content.

Some of these triggers actually do not cause migraines, but avoiding them cannot help you to treat your migraine.

The best option to prevent migraine headaches cause is usually to try avoiding them, even though prevention is not always that effective as expected. But there are a number of procedures and treatments that are proven to help reduce the frequency and impact of migraine to you and to your health. Take a note of the following:

(1) Have a headache diary - a notebook that helps you keep track of the occurrences of your migraine, and all information about the remedies and procedures you have taken, your diet and your daily routine;
(2) Identify the early warnings of migraine - these include visual disturbances, fluid retention, mood changes, increase and decrease in appetite, sensitivity to light and sound, restlessness, dizziness, diarrhea and nausea;
(3) Always have a regular sleep;
(4) Avoid being stressed as much as possible;
(5) Limit alcohol intake;
(6) Avoid caffeine, monosodium glutamate and sulfate-rich wines;
(7) Take prophylactic medications;
(8) Take non-prescribed supplements;
(9) Avoid direct exposure to smoke, light and radiation; and
(10) Have healthy exercise routines.

There are also some migraine headaches causes that cannot be prevented at all, such as weather conditions and menstrual periods, but in times of encountering these factors, the best thing to do is to relax.

It is better to treat the migraine with proper measures such as having a good and healthy lifestyle. Drugs and natural cures are not the only solutions to overcome and prevent migraine headache cause. Engaging yourself in a good daily routine helps you to avoid the things that may trigger a migraine headaches cause.

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