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Ayurvedic treatment for anemia

Most of the women face with the problem of anemia during their teenage and pregnancy. The anemic women experience severe complication while conceiving. Derived from the Latin word, anemia literally means absence of blood. In respect with medical terms, anemia is a condition where the body posses low amount of red blood cells. They do not fill the normal requirement of the body. Anemia can result in a serious problem such as hemorrhage or excessive internal bleeding due to extreme loss of blood and poor generation of RBC.
In such circumstances, the person possess sufficient amount of fluids, but contains deficiency of oxygen carrying red blood cells. Even the researchers have agreed that Ayurvedic treatment is very much effective for the treatment of anemia. Many solutions are available in the scriptures of Ayurveda to cure this illness. Some of the home remedies are as follows:
Add two teaspoonful of honey to ripe banana and consume this two times in day. It will increase the level of RBC.
Combine the juice of fresh tomato with apple juice. Drink this combination at an interval of four hours.
Mix one cup of beet root with one cup of apple juice, sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey. This drink helps in the speedy production red blood cells.
Eat plenty of oranges or Indian gooseberry; it increases the level of iron absorption in the body.
Have honey after your meals or include it your daily diet. Replace the sugar with honey and prepare your desserts.
Consume a lot of green leafy vegetables like spinach. Even broccoli is very good to increase the level of red blood cells.
Keep on munching dry fruits life raisins, dates, dried figs, and almonds.
Try to drink as much as carrot juice, it help in increasing the blood cells. Combine it with beet roots juice or apple juice.
Even sesame oil is considered beneficial for the production of red blood cells. Include this oil in your daily diet.
Certain herbs are also effective in order to increase the level of red blood cells. The herbs that fill the dietary requirement of anemia patients are:

Lauh Bhasama
Dhatri lauh
Navayas lauh
Drakshadi lehya
Chinjadi lehya
Chargeryadi gritham
Dadimadi gritham
This ayurvedic treatment has been beneficial on human health from longer time.

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