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Ayurvedic Cure for Renal Colic

The Ayurvedic name for renal colic is Vrukk Shool. In renal colic, pain usually starts from the loin region and spreads to the groin of hypochondrium region. Renal colic occurs due to presence of a hurdle in the urinary tract like kidney stones. Pain of renal colic is one of the intense pain known. There are various treatments to cure renal colic. Various Ayurvedic home remedies are discussed in this article to cure renal colic.

Ayurvedic View of Renal Colic

An aggravation or vitiation of the vata dosha or body humor is the predominant cause of colicky renal pain.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Renal Colic

Some of the Ayurvedic home remedies to treat renal colic are as follows:

Kulthi – Take approximately 20 ml decoction of kulthi twice or thrice.
Erand – Boil the roots of Erand and Yavkshar to make a decoction. Take approximately 30 ml twice.
Make a powder by combining the following ingredients- ajwain, kala jeera and black salt in the ratio of 4:2:1. Take approximately 3 to 5 grams of the powder 3 or 4 times with warm water.
Shilajit – Take 1 gram shilajit twice or thrice with water.
Characteristic Symptoms of Renal Colic

The most important symptoms of renal colic is pain due to the presence of stones which cause irritation or a blockage.
The pain is normally dull and intermittent, it radiates from the loins to the genitals.
During the bouts of intense pains, the patient rolls on his abdomen and nothing seems to provide relief.
Other symptoms are nausea, vomiting and intense perspiration.
Sometimes there is a continuous urge to urinate although the bladder is empty.


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