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NARCOLEPSY is also as a result of bad sleep. Narcolepsy is caused due to inadequate and bad quality of sleep. You will feel sleepy even in the morning time, eventhough you sleep for 8-10 hours.
Narcolepsy or excessive sleepiness problem is a caused due to using brain excessively, like if you go on using a machine without giving it a break, it will break down or shut down.

Therefore, to bring back to its original shape, we have to repair it, similarly, if you use the brain contineously without giving it break and keep the brain always under anxiety and stress for a long time, then, you will get narcolepsy problem.

The cure for narcolpsy has to be found out by oneself, (have to use different ayurvedic medications, at least for 3-4 months), and do Physical exercise, Yoga and Pranayama daily. Otherwise, you can't get proper results.
I can just guide you by giving you the names of the AYURVEDIC medications you can try to cure or to reduce the narcolepsy problem.
Try, For Narcolepsy

1. Brahmi Vati (with gold), in the morning or night.

2. Manasa Mitra Vatakam (with gold) at bedtime.

3. Ksheerabala Thailam(on scalp halt an hour before bath after bath Rasnadi Choornam)

4. Ashwagandharista (Night).

5. Shiva Gutika (2 times daily).

6. Brahmi Gritham + Sarasvatarista (Morning)

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