Ayurvedic Antibiotic-Mahavilwadi Lehyam

Main Ingredients
vilvamUla; guDa; zRGgivera, marica, pippalI, cavya, tAlIsapatra, kesara, pippalImUla, citraka, trijAta, jIraka, madhu; karpUra, mArgikAmada

Indications/Medicine Description
sarvacchardinivAraNa; useful in hRdroga, kAmalA, gulma, grahaNI, aruci, pInasa, hidhmA, kAsa, krimi, zvAsa, plIha, AnAha, galAmaya, arzas, pANDuroga; useful in vomiting, abdominal pain, dysentery, loss of appetite, respiratory problems

5-15gms once daily followed by warm water or appropriate fluid or as advised by your physician


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