Dhumpanam or Medical smoking

Dhum means smoke and pan means to drink. Dhumpanam or Dhumpan simply means medicated or medicine or medical smoking. It is totally different from cigarette smoking. It is the use of fire in treatment; it is the journey of medicines on a vehicle of fire. Medicines can reach the minute cavities quickly and can act quickly.

It is a therapy used in treatment of various disorders in the region above the clavicle. It is mainly used in treatment of vata and kapha dominated diseases. It is used as a after treatment of vaman and nasya karma. It is also indicated in day to day life activity for normal healthy people to achieve its benefits.

Benefits of Medicine or Medical smoking

Enhances activity of sense organs

Improves voice quality

Mental relaxation

Acts as a mouth freshener, removes bad odor of mouth. Cleans the mouth.

Hairs become strong. Useful in hair fall.

Maintains healthy status of dentition

Proper type of dhumpan is used in treatment of diseases like cough, asthma, coryza, excess sleep etc. i.e. vata and kapha dominated diseases.

It destroys antigens present in the environment