BURNS AND SCALDS,,,,,, Burncure ointment.

WOUNDS,,,,,,,,,,, Murivenna ointment.

SPRAINS, CONTUSIONS,,,,,,,,, Rheumajith ointment, Murivenna

SNEEZING,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Haridrakhandam

COMMON COLD,,,,,,,,,,, Vyoshadivatakam

COUGH,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thaleesapathradi choornam

DYSPNOEA,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dhanwantharamgulika, Jeerakarishtam,Dasamoolarishtam

DYSENTERY/DIARRHOEA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vilwadi tab, Kutajalehyam, Karpoorasavam

ABDOMINAL COLIC,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ashtachoornam, Vaiswanarachoornam

VOMITTING,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vilwadilehyam, Thaleesapathradi, Thaleesavatakam

FAINTING,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Drakshadi kashayam

DYSMENORRHOEA,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Asokarishtam, Kumaryasavam

HEADACHE,,,,,,,,,,Kachooradi choornam, RasnadiChoornam, Ksheerabala {for external appln.}

DYSURIA,,,,,,,,,,, Chandraprabha gulika

PAEDIATRIC DIARRHOEA,,,,,,,,,,, Rajannyadi choornam



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