Kshar Karma in Ayurveda

Kshara KarmaThere are many diseases which are not curable with modern medicine or drugs are not so much effective to treat the disease such as skin diseases, some allergic condition, Bhagandra (Fistula in ano) Nadi Vrina ( Sinuses) Arbuda ( Cancer) Arsha (Piles), Dusta Vrina (chornic or non healing ulcers), CharmaKil (wart), Tilkalaka (Melanomas), External abscess, Disease of Mouth, Ranula, Some tumor of mouth cavity. These are notorious diseases where medicine as well performing surgery also difficult and has a lot of complication like - infection, disfigurement, difficult to approach etc. the Disease portion should be remove or kill but it is observed that many time drug fails to do its work. Here Ayurveda has answer all the problem by only one word that Kshara. Surgery is always feared by even those who advocate it. Many time patient are not fit to undergo on surgical operation. Under such condition the alternative measure for advancing the result of surgery is always welcome. During pre anesthetic age such alternative procedure was one of the main armamentarium for surgery and it was used in the place of surgery under certain condition among such Para surgical measure kshar occupied a prominent place as armamentarium tool of surgical physician in the ancient eraThe external application of Kshara are used in various disease further it con bring about the same result as a surgical operation without its pain agony, mortifying tissue by less degree may give rise to less effusion of blood and less agony then operation its use is not confined to surgical disease only or local applications but also advocated in medical disease. Such as urinary calculus for oral administration another advance by of application of Kshar is that it can be applied to the people of delicate temperament and age.In Modern Science Cancer is a dangerous disease, it is commonly divided in to 4 stage or group i. e. stage 1, 2, 3, & 4. it can be cure if diagnosed early phase. it very difficult to cure when disease become advanced. Chotiwala's Ayurveda has answer of this dangerous disease. Ayurveda is oldest medical science of India. Ayurveda has its own tools and principle to treat & eliminate this disease form the body. In Ayurveda cancer is known as Arbuda (Cancer), Tridoshaj Vyadhi (Syndrome), Gulma (Abdominal Tumor), Granthi (Benign Tumor), Apachi (Lymphadenopathy), etc. Ayurveda also describes cancer of particular organ i.e. cancer of tongue - alas, carcinoma of penis - Mamsa Arbuda, melanomas as Tilkalaka.

In Research for Arbuda in relation to cancer, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh of Chotiwala's Ayurveda found that Ayurvedic treatment of cancer is very much effective in killing the cells and revive & restore the health of patient. In Ayurveda, various aspects of cancer like etiopathogensis, symptomatology, treatment, prognosis etc. are described in a lucid style and no stone unturned left. A number of formulation & methods are available in Ayurveda & any type of cancer can be treated in any stage. In Sushruta Samhita, A surgical manuscript Malignant tumor is treated by a number of process i.e. Shalya karma, Kshara karma, Agni karma, medicinal fasting, Apakarshana, Makshika karma, Apachi karma, Pancha karama - Shehana, Swedana, Vamana, Virechana, Shirovasti etc. these process can be applied together or one by one.
Kshara is Product of various plant. It is formed by burning the whole plants and ash is purified. result in formation of Kshara Powder. kshara is alkaline in nature. Below the chemical composition of Apamarga (Acrynthus aspera )Kshara as fallow
C.J. Waren chemical analyzer of govt. of bangal found

Whole plant dried at 100 0 c observed respect follow percentage of ash:

Leave : 24-334%
Stem : 8-672%
Root : 8-863%

Element: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum, carbon, sulfur, silica, phosphorus etc.

Prof. Basu (BHU) extracted Achyrenthin mp 2920
1953 Niyogi and Srivastva study the biologycal action of the dry plant as well that of the isoleted water soluble alkaloid Achyrenthin
pH Value mridu 8.4, madya 9.2, tikshana 9.4
Kshar is made by burning of whole of plant and tree. these kshara according to use is 2 type
Paniya Kshara - for internal use
Pratisarniya kshara - for external application

According to concentration
Mridu (Diluted)
Madhaym (medium)
Tikshana (Strong)

Kshara Karma should not be used in pyrexia, diarrhea, cardiovascular disease, anorexia, difficult vision and the emetic have been given, in edema all over the body, person who are vary much timid, pregnancy, women having menstrual period. The kshara should also not to be used in babies and in old age

Side effect of Kshara

Kshara may produce in excess proportion causing harmful effect on the hair, eyes, heart as well as virility. Therefore kshara should not be taken in excess. It is agreed upon all that kshara should not be used in pitta and rakta by people of weakmind and constitute. It should also not be used on organ of the body which are delicate in nature. As in arterial disease, marasmus, joints, ear lobule, vein, ligament, umbilicus, in part of body relatively less muscle and in texture.

The substance by which the diseased part of the body are killed or scratched are called ksharas.
Ksharas are made up of concentrated or salts and alkalies obtained mainly from herbs. Kshar karma is the important para-surgical procedure. It proves beneficial in diseases which are not cured even by complicated surgery.

Functions of Ksharkarma

It performs functions like incision, excision etc.
It cleans and dries the wound
It digests Ama

Types of Kshar karma

According to its concentration

According to Application
Pratisaraneya (external application)
Paneya (internal administration)

Indications of Kshar karma

Of pratisaraneya
Oral diseases
Skin diseases

Of paneya

Poor digestive power
Abdominal pain
Renal calculus


The weak
The very young
Very old age
Menstruating women
Heart disease
After vaman and virechana

External application of kshara

Ksharas are applied on the body surface.

Symptoms of proper application

Relief from pain
Cessation of discharge
After that neutralize the kshara by acidic substances mixed with ghrita and honey

Symptoms suggesting inadequate action

Treatment for the symptoms should be done immediately.



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