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Chikungunya is an insect-borne viral infection, which is transmitted to humans by the Aedes mosquito. It causes an illness that has symptoms similar to dengue fever and Chikungunya treatment helps to combat this malaise. The fever, which lasts for about two to five days, is followed by prolonged arthralgic disease which affects the joints of extremities and chikungunya treatment focuses on that. Pain related to the CKIKV infection of joints continues to persist for weeks or months and chikungunya treatment seeks to address this.


Knowing the signs and symptoms of this malaise will first help you to identify it before you go for Chikungunya treatment. So here are some of them…
A fever, with temperature reaching up to 104 °F is observed. The fever typically lasts for two to five days and is different from normal fever because it is accompanied by chills as well as feelings of vomiting and nausea.
There are profuse rashes and pain in the joints. At times, there is an acute pain throughout the body and Chikungunya treatment seeks to address this.
Some non-specific symptoms include conjunctivitis, headache and a slight photophobia. The CKIKV infection symptoms last for about five to seven days. However, patients complain of pain in joints for a prolonged period, depending on age.
Once you have identified these signs and symptoms of the malaise you can go for Chikungunya treatment.


Chikungunya is transmitted through mosquitoes. Alphavirus is responsible for chikungunya and Chikungunya treatment becomes much easier once the cause is identified. The virus is carried by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito that breeds in stagnant water. Ayurveda, however, believes that pollution of the air, water and land are factors responsible for this ailment.


Yogic breathing for chikungunya
Abdominal breathing
Yoga Shvasana (Yogic breathing)
Several yogasanas help to strengthen your immune system to prevent infection and also cure long-terms effects such as joints pain. Join our Yoga Classes and feel the difference in your life.


Avoiding mosquito bites is essential. Use a mosquito screen net while sleeping.
Drinking coconut water is the best solution for the disease. Coconut water might not cure the disease but it surely helps patients to recover faster. This is because coconut water detoxifies the liver, which is the organ where the virus develops once it enters the body.


Ayurvedic medicines that help to ward off the ailment and form an important part of Chikungunya treatment include:
Sudarsanam Gulika.
Vilvadi Gulika.
Amritarishta, which is good for pacifying fever.
You can also take Inthukantham Kashaya as a preventive medicine. Vilvadi Gulika and Inthukantham Kashaya further enhance body immunity.
Ayurveda also recommends avoiding the conditions that cause the disease, including impure air, land and water.


Chikungunya is not a fatal disease and proper Chikungunya treatment can help you to combat it. However, it is important to keep the surroundings clean to prevent the spread of the disease. Coconut water is extremely good and helps patients recover faster. Several Ayurvedic treatments are also effective as Chikungunya treatment.




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