Terminalia Arjuna For Heart Disease

Welcome to Arjuna Kshira  Paka – Terminalia arjuna is a reputed heart friendly herb that has been in use for over 2500 BC. It is useful in hypertension, angina, Heart attacks, Hypercholesterolemia and Hyperlipidemia.

Several of the modern researches have approved of its beneficial effects as anti hypertensive, anti-ischemic and cardioprotective herb.

Due to its astringent taste and dry quality, it may cause some trivial problems like mild constipation, flatulence in some individuals. So Chakradatta described its use with milk. That is why this preparation is famous by the name of Arjuna-Kshira-paka as 'kshiram' means milk and 'pakam' means to boil in Sanskrit language.

Herbal Dose For Terminalia arjuna:

Bark of terminalia arjuna, Four times milk, Sixteen times water i.e. for 10 gm of bark chips, take 40 ml of milk and 160 ml of water. Usually it is better in the dosage of 10-20 gm of bark chips.

Boil it over the stove slowly and when the water is evaporated, put it through a sieve and drink the liquid. You can add some sugar to taste if you are not diabetic. The alternative approach could be the dipping the bark chips of terminalia arjuna in water a few hours before the boiling so that its ingredients might come to this Arjuna kshira paka herbal tea more easily.

Benefits Of Arjuna Kshira Paka:

Terminalia arjuna is doubly useful in this way. Both of its astringent taste and dry quality are neutralized by adding it with milk. Plus the milk’s property to increase the lipids in blood is also neutralized. Plus the water soluble and fat soluble ingredients of terminalia arjuna bark are there in Arjuna kshira paka.

On the contrary there are only water soluble ingredients alone in the decoction. So we can have both the terminalia arjuna as well as milk in a special cardio-friendly way.

Personal Experiences With Some Modifications:

I advised it with some modification to some of the patients in India. And this works wonderfully. Some of the practical suggestions are.

By Adding Saunfa or Fennel : 5-10 gm of fennel could be added to some persons who complain of flatulence even after taking Arjuna kshira paka.

By Adding Ajowan - 3-5 gm of Ajowan also works for flatulence either alone or with 3-5 gm of fennel in combination.

By Adding Draksha or Dried Grape : It is especially good for persons who are suffering from heart disorders with Vata or nervous dominance or Pitta dominant tendency and those who are weak or underweight or emaciated. This will be a good and mild nutritive, energizing the person and easy to stomach and intestine.

So It is advisable from the Ayurveda point of view to add some herbal or food supplements as is required for the benefit of the person. Get the full benefits of terminalia arjuna and prevent the cardiac diseases. Have a healthy heart.


Use Terminalia arjuna For:

Hypertension & Tachycardia where heart beat is increased. Use it as adjuvant or alternative medicine in consultation with qualified herbalist.
For increased level of cholesterol in blood - Hypercholesterolemia.
As a cardiac protective and supportive herbal supplement.



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