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Itching - Causes and Herbal Remedies


Itching can be defined as a sensation or an urge on the skin to scratch. An irritation on the skin surface which develops an urge to scratch is what is generally known as itching.


There are supposed to be many causes for itching sensation, some of them are listed below:

Stress and Anxiety is found a prominent cause of itching sensations in human beings.
Dry skin.
Prolonged exposure to the sun's UV rays, in other words sunburn is also a reason for itching.
Metabolic or Endocrine Disorders.
Drug Reactions.
Blood related disorders.
Insect stings and bites, for instance flea and mosquito bites.
Infections such as Vaginal Itching, Anal Itching due to Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Fungal Infections, Ringworms, etc.
Skin Rashes.
Head Lice or Pubic Lice.
Herbal Remedies:

Some wonderful natural herbal remedies for itching are:

Applying Sandal Wood Oil or Sandal Wood paste on the itching areas help getting relief from itch.
Dashang Lepa, an Ayurvedic Remedy made by a combination of 10 Ayurvedic herbs, help get instant relief from itching.
Applying Neem Oil, or a neem leaves paste help cure itching.
Marichaida Taila is an Ayurvedic oil containing black pepper, application of this oil helps relief from all skin infections and itching as well.
Gandhak serves as an excellent herbal treatment for itching
Consuming neem powder orally also help cure skin infections and itching.
Drinking Aloe-Vera juice empty stomach early in the morning helps curing any skin disorder and itching.
Home Remedies:

Some home based cures and remedies for the itching sensation are:

In an amount equal to lemon juice, mix linseed oil and apply it on the place where itching is felt. This remedy would help cure any kind of an itch.
Applying the root of bitter gourd (karela) juice on the skin relieves itching to a great extent.
Mix fresh coconut juice and a tomato. Massage this mixture on the itchy region. The itchy feeling will fade soon.
Boil some 25 grams of mango barks and babul barks with each other in a liter of water. Allow a fomentation of these vapors directly on the affected areas of the skin. When the fomentation is done, dab the region with ghee. The itchy feeling will disappear.
Itching due to dryness of skin can be easily reduced by application of milk cream on the skin and massaging it. This acts as a moisturizer.



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