Home remedies for Piles

Piles are either dry or bleeding and often caused by chronic constipation, hard and knotty slots, intake of spices, wines, meats and also by poor or absent physical activity. Dry piles is more painful, while bleeding piles render a person weaker. Pregnant ladies, elderly persons, sedentary persons who eat enormously and quite often but do no exercise, or the person taking above-mentioned dietary items, are more prone to piles. Persistant complaint may cause other complications also, such as fissures, cancerous growths, pain, swelling, smarting etc.

Types of Piles

Dry piles - In dry piles there is inflammation of the external piles, continuous pain and become unbearable while voiding the bowels.

Bleeding piles - In bleeding piles, the internal piles start bleeding and there may be excessive bleeding which lead to anaemia and consequent emaciation.


A person suffers from piles when the anal region veins become varicosed. The prime causes of piles are -


Sedentary way of life

Lack of exercise

Some morbid conditions of the liver.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Use oil of Cypress or Juniper in the bath or using some drops of either to a bowl of cold water for improving circulation. Abdomen should be massaged with a 2% oil dilution, to any vegetable oil used as a base oil of Rosemary or Marjoram.

Apply locally commercial creams processed from the extracts of -

(i) Morse chestmt (Aescutus hippocastanum)
(ii) Pilecort (Ranunculus ficaria) or Marigold (Calendula officinalis).

Tincture of distilled witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) is astringent and can be safely used as a compress. It will also provide relief in prolonged bleeding which can also be prevented by using tea prepared from Nettle (Urtica Deocca).

All the ointments or cream are available from homeopath pharmacists retailers. Remember, frequent and profuse bleeding is liable to cause general weakness and anaemia also, hence don't let it prolong.

Use of caster oil with milk or 1 TSP with a warm cup of tea or, still better, Isabghole Husk (1 TSP) with warm milk will help in softening stool and thus, cause easy and almost painless passage thereof.

Alternative being to take a TSP of Triphala with water at bed-time. It show its effects.


The patient should be advised not to use a hard seat or ride horses during the course of treatment. He should not indulge in too much sex, nor suppress the urge to void the stools for fear of pain which accompanies dry piles.