Rare Home Remedies of Ayurveda


Jwara (Fever)

Fresh juice of whole plant of Bhoonimba or Tulasi leaves 10mL + pepper powder 500 ml TID

Fresh juice of Guduchi or Drona pushpi 10 ml TID

Diet : Light food with Bitterguard and Ginger


Shwasa (Dyspnoea)

 Fresh Vasa leaf / Ginger juice 5mL + Honey 5ml TID

Kantakari root powder 5 mg + Hingu 2 gms + Honey chew 3-4 times /day.

Kasa (Cough)

Paste of equal parts of pepperpowder, sugar,honey and Ghee whenever required.

Vibheetaki powder and honey wherever required.

Coriander powder and Sugar in equal quantity with rice washed water whenever required. (This is beneficial for cough in children).

Leaf juice of Krishna Tulasi or Bhringaraja with quantity of honey repeatedly will relieve cough with itching in throat and expectation.

Hikka (Hicough)

Lemon juice with honey and little salt.

Swara bheda (Hoarseness of voice)

Bala root powder with equal quantity of honey.

Throat infections (with inflammation)

Chewing a piece of Nirgundi root or Vacha

Amla pitta (Hyper acidity)

Hareetaki and Bhringaraj powder with old jaggery in equal quantities.

Atisara (Diarrhoea)

Decoction of Mango bark [20 ml ] repeatedly/hr

Decoction of Musta with honey

Decoction of Usheera and Ginger with Sugar and Salt

Raktatisara (Bloody Diarrhoea)

Kutaja bark decoction with Ginger juice (5ml).

Atisara with chardi (Diarrhoea with vomitting)

Parna Yavani leaf juice 5ml/hr

Chardi (Vomitting)

Usheera root powder with Coriander water repeatedly sip by sip

Ajeerna (Indigestion)

Ginger powder with Rock salt and hot water

Mootra Krichra (Dysurea)

Supernatent liquid of curd/10ml 0f Amlaki juice + 1-2 gm of cardamom powder twice/thrice daily before food.

Nasagata Rakta pitta (Bleeding from nose\Epistaxis)

Leaf juice of Vasa (10ml) with honey or sugar repeatedly

Use Doorva juice as nasal drops

Sheeta pitta (skin eruptions or rashes)

Amalaki powder 1 tsp. with jaggery 2-3 times/day

Ginger juice (10 ml.) with jaggery 2-3 times/day

Application of Tulasi leaf paste or Turmeric+ Doorva or Chandana powder + Gudoochi powder

Vipadika (cracks in foot)

Application of Amalaki paste

Vrana (Fresh wound)

 Washing with the decoction of Bala root or Sariva root or Kutaja bark

Bandage with Arka leaf

Application of Kumari (Aloe) leaf pulp is beneficial in burns

Dusta Vrana (Chronic nonhealing ulcer)

Application of latex of Saptaparna tree

Krimiyuktha Vrana (Infected wound)

Application of garlic paste

Kushta (skin disease)

Use of Vasa leaves/Neem leaves and bark/ Sapta Parna bark for bath (Decoction) and application (paste).

Guduchi juice (10 ml) with old ghee internally

Turmeric powder with cow's urine

Pama and Kandu (Itching)

Application of Maricha powder and Ghee paste

Latex of Arka leaves application

Pooti Karna (Otitis)

Tulasi leaf juice as ear drops (5+6 drops) twice daily.

Eye diseases like conjuctivitis

Use Neem bark decoction or Tender leaf juice of Shigru (Drum stick) and Honey as eye drops.

Stammering in children

Vacha powder with honey and given to lick along with speech training.

Youvana Pidaka (Acne)

Apply the paste of shalmalee kantaka with milk twice daily after cleaning the face.

Mukha paka (Mouth ulcers)

Chewing the jasmine leaves

Indralupta (Alopasia areata)

Application of paste of Hibiscus flower+black cow's urine

Application of Karaveera juice/ Dhattura leaf juice

Danta Shoola (Tooth ache)

Gargle with Neem bark decoction

Use tooth powder of Bakula seeds

Fill the latex of Saptaparna tree or heated Hingu/ Clove oil to dental cavity


Guduchi juice (10ml) with honey twice daily

Haridra powder (1 tsp) and Amalaki powder (1 tsp) twice daily

Kamala (Hepatitis)

 Juice of neem leaves 10 ml twice daily

Shunti and jaggery in equal parts twice daily.

Guduchi leaf paste with butter milk twice daily

Sthaulya (obesity)

Vacha powder with honey with diet of Yava

Vata Roga (Rheumatic pains)

Nirgundi root decoction 40 ml twice daily

Paste of garlic (2 gms) and Ghee (5 ml) twice daily

Application of poultice by Tamarind leaf paste