Chikitsya Padchatushtayam (quadri pods of treatment)


Literal meaning of the term Paada is pods and chatushtaya is four, thus giving the whole term the meaning of the four pods of treatment.

The Quadra pods together have an important role to play in the management and treatment of the patient. The four pods known are:
Vaidya (doctor)
In ayurveda the doctor must have the following four qualities:
Doctor should be well versed with a clear vision in his theoretical knowledge.

Bahusho Drishta Karma
Doctor should have an extensive practical experience in the fields of clinical diagnosis, pharmacology and treatment.

Doctor should have a good presence of mind and should render his services promptly in need.

Doctor should follow the medical ethics whole heatedly.
Aushad-dravya (medicine)
There are four important things that refer to the medicine:
Bahuta (abundance)
Easy availability of medicines in large quantities must be there so that no shortage of medicines is there when required.

Yogyatvam (applicability)
The medicine should be potent and capable of treating the disease without any side effects.

Anekvidh Kalpana (utility in various forms)
The medicine must be capable to form different combinations to get the desired results.

Sampati (wholesome)
The medicine must have a potency of not being effected by seasonal changes, worms etc.
Upastha (nurse)
Four qualities of the nurse are nurse for the treatment of the disease and the patient:
Upchar yogyata
The nurse must be well trained in her nursing profession.

The nurse should be skillful with a good presence of mind while assisting the doctor.

The nurse should render her services to the patients with great affection.

The nurse should be sincere in her duties and must follow the ethics of nursing strictly.
Rogi (patient)
Similar to the above pods there are certain qualities prescribed for the patient to:
Smruti (memory)
The patient should have a good memory as regards to the dos and don'ts as advised by the doctor.

Nirdeshkaritvam (obedience)
It means the patient should obey and follow the prescribed dos and don'ts.

Abhiruta (courage in facing disease)
The patient must have the courage to fight the disease and not get disheartened or depressed by the ailment.

Gyapakatvam (ability in describing the disease)
The patient must give a proper and detailed history of his present complains, past history of disease (if any), drug history (if any).