Agnikarma by Pippali in Muscle Spasm



Agnikarma is one among a parasurgical procedure (Anushastra) which has been mentioned in Ayurvedic Literature.

Acharya sushruta has preached, practiced and documented the details of Agnikarma .Agnikarma has got its importance and claimed to be effectively dealt with instant relief to the patient .It is followed by many renowned authorities till date.

Many research studies claimed and proved efficacy of Agnikarma in various disease.Acharya Sushruta describes effect of Agnikarma on pain (Sushrut sutra sthana 12 /10).

It is mainly practiced on musculoskeleton and it has proved its efficiency in much musculoskeleton disorder.

Instrument used for Agnikarma is called as Dahanoupakarana. These Dahanoupakarana are grouped according to the vyadhi, sthana and Dhatu awastha of vyadhi. According to the classical method Dahanopakarana are heated up to red hot for Agnikarma and applied to the affected part.

Pippali is dahanoupakarana mentioned for twakdagdha vyadhi. Here, Pippali was used for mamsagat vata as Dalhan has explained that dahanoupkaran of twak vyadhican be used for mamsagat vyadhi. Thus using in paraspinal muscle spasm which is correlated to mamsagata vata vyadhi.


To study management of cervical paraspinal muscle spasm by Agnikarma using Pippali.


  • Source of the data : study is carried out in “IPD of Shalyatantra , Y.M.T. Ayurvedic medical college and hospital , kharghar , navi Mumbai

Type of study: single case study.


  • X-RAY Cervical spine AP-LATERAL

Impression –cervical spondylosis

Treatment planned as follows

Agnikarma by Pippali at cervical region.


A single patient was selected who was diagnosed as cervical paraspinal muscle spasm.Data related to the objectives of the study was collected.

An Informed written consent of the patient included in trial in the language best understood by him was taken. C R F was prepared for this study.

Material used for agnikarma are 1 pippali ,1 candle, ghruth for local application after agnikarma.

Patient was seated at proper position for Agnikarma procedure. Single Pippali was heated on candle flame and then heat of Pippali was applied to cervical region at most tenderness part to relieve muscle spasm. After agnikarma ghruth was applied on the part.

Patient got relief in single sitting.


Agnikarma is one of the effective treatment modalities to pacify Vata and Kapha Dosha by virtue of its unique and opposite Guna (Qualities) like Ushna, Tikshna, Sukshma and Ashukari.

After evaluation of cardinal signs and symptoms, presence of maximum Vataja symptoms followed by Vata–Kaphaja type of symptoms was found.

Discussion of Pippali in Agnikarma Dahanoupkaran- Pippali as a dahanoupkaran mentioned by Sushrut Acharya,used for twak gata vikar.

Dalhan Acharya has explained that dahanoupkaran of twak gatavyadhi can be used for mamsagat vyadhi. Dahanoupkaran of mamsagat vyadhi can be used in asthigata vyadhi.

There was symptomatic relief in patient`s complaints of stambha and shool.


In the process of Agnikarma, transferring of therapeutic heat to twak dhatu (skin) and gradually to deeper structure was done with the help of a red hot pippali which would have acted eventually to pacify ama dosha and srotovaigunya and consequently rendered relief in symptoms of stambha and shoola.

The Ushna guna of Pippali pacifies Kapha and Vata doshas, thus reducing stambha and shoola.

According to modern aspects heat delivered to the skin reaches to the dermis because of which the blood circulation at that site increases and the blood circulation flushes away the inflammation and pain producing substances and patient gets relief from the symptoms.


Musculoskeletal disorders are quite a significant global burden, particularly for general working population and create heavy socio-economic burden over the families. For that, Agnikarma can be practiced as an effective, safe and drug less therapy. It is an ambulatory treatment modality and can be performed as an office procedure in routine practice.

Agni karma therapy is result oriented for sthanika involvement of Vata in Vatakaphaja disorders. It is an ambulatory treatment modality and affordable to the common man. 


Sushrut Samhita (Dalhan Tika)




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