Some issues of Research in Ayurveda

Research is the progressive sign of any science, it is one side of coin called wisdom and another side is education.Hence education and research should go hand in hand but in our country the situation is different. According to the University Grants Commission, every year more than five thousand scholars are getting qualified for Doctorate research degrees. No doubt this is a one of the good sign of research cycle but how many research findings are translated in to applied aspects like processes, practices or products is the main issue of research treasure.It is felt that in India the research culture is yet to be developed.One wrong belief among us is that the getting doctorate degree means reaching end of knowledge in that particular topic or subject. But in the developed countries the belief is that, it is the beginning of knowledge or subject understanding. Most of the research in our country is not of high standard and very few research findings are translated in to practical aspects and remaining remains unused in closed cupboards.

Pertaining to research in Ayurveda there are many views, some believes that, Ayurveda is full- fledged science and do not require any further research.Some are of the opinion that, there should be research in Ayurveda in the light of current sciences. In rational thinking the first view's second part is not correct as for survival of any sciences, research is acting as burning spirit. Therefore the research is essential feature of all sciences is to be noted.The first part is correct as Ayurveda is full-fledged and it is the mother of all traditional health care sciences. The second view holding that research should be in the light of present sciences is absolutely correct, each science has it's own language and understanding of that particular science requires to know their language. Ayurveda is not so easy to understand in the present era of, Science and scientific language.For example if Vata is interpreted as air then it is wrong and not passing the correct core meaning.Actually Vata denotes all types of actions, initiations, life force etc. Therefore Vata means air is misleading. Hence the usage of correct Terms with suitable explanation is required keeping in mind the core meaning of all Ayurveda terminologies.

The change is the constant and inevitable process in this universe.All properties of plants and other material which are described in our ancient texts may not be same at this juncture due to mutations in genes.The environment plays important role in mutations. The water, air, soil etc. are polluted, the soil micro flora is changed and all this has affected the plants and material properties.In view of this there is a need of revalidation of our materia medica treasure. This does not mean that, the ancient textual description is not correct.In fact the ancient description is of immense value but some new qualities we may have to add to the described one like the useful action of Curcuma longa in Alzheimer's disease etc. Any new research findings may not be observed in presently available Ayurvedic literature.But it does not mean that, Ayurveda is lacking of such knowledge.In this regard we should know that the complete Ayurveda is not narrated; only one eights is narrated in view of short span of life and intelligence s.s.1/6.The substantial part of Ayurveda is eroded, corroded and lost in span of time. It is well known that little bit of Ayurveda is documented but what about the non documented Ayurveda knowledge which is existed, in possession and in practices also, among the tribal and rural communities? Another aspect of Ayurveda is that, it is scattered in many ancient treatises and linked with our many rituals and customs. In this view any researcher when observed some thing, so called new should not assume that, it was or is not existed in Ayurveda.For this purpose a positive frame of mind is required for Ayurveda researcher. The span of Ayurveda is vast, and it is strongly felt that the botanicals, phyto medicine, herbal medicine, hydro therapy, acupuncture etc. are to be considered as part and parcel of Ayurveda.

The present research findings which are supportive to Ayurvedic sciences are to be accepted in it's full form but those are contrary, one should be cautious before accepting, as absolute knowledge and welfare of humanity are not the sole motives of today's research.But it is observed that the motives are name, fame, money, business etc. Contrary to this the knowledge imparted in Ayurveda is with pure conscious and only with one sole intention that is Kalyanabhinivesh=welfare of the humanity and no other attachments.And the knowledge treasure of Ayurveda is unbiased is to be noted.

It is essential to know the above aspects of Ayurveda for any Ayurveda academician and researchers to initiate research in Ayurveda.




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