Action of Avipathi churna a modern point of view


Avipathi churna -  action of this churna a modern point of view.

This is only hypothesis based on various research articles  found in the net. I am not claiming modern point of view is 100 % correct as I am going to describe, but it definably give you an alternate way to think how our Ayurvedic medicines / formulas / yogas works in our body.

Formulation / yoga : Avipathi Churna

The main ingredients:

Trivrith – (Operculina turpethum)

Trikatu- pepper, pippali and shunti

Cinnamon / dalchini - Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Tamala patra / tejpatra - cinnamomum tamala

Cardamom - Cardamom - Elettaria cardamomum

Mustha ( Cyperus rotundus)

 krimighna - Embelia ribes

amalaki - Emblica officinalis Gaertn.

Sugar - sugar


This medicine mainly recommended in diseases related to pitha dosha disorder. According to acharya , it must mix with honey before its use. 

Main Usage

1. For purgation    2. Gastric ulcers    3. Cough      4. Jaundice    5. Skin disease 


I noticed a peculiarity of this churna about purpose of purgation, patients not fatigue easily by this method. If you look at its ingredients (sugar included)  and usage in honey, we can realize that honey and sugar meet the energy requirement of our body a few hours. ( after giving virchan oushada taking food not fare )


1. Purgation / Virechana

Chemicals present in the Trivrith  (Operculina turpethum ) shows main role in the purgation. turpethin, alpha-and beta-turpethein in the trivirit converts into turpethic acids in intestine. It also contains turpethic acids A,B,C which also initiate purgation, action on muscles of the intestinal wall. It affects the calcium channels in the muscle fibers and increases the intestinal mobility . no further study conducted to explore the entire process.

2. Gastric ulcers   

a. Trivrit increase the mucus secretion, the chemical Scopoletin in it helps to reduce acidity. Saponin present in the plant helps to control the prostaglandins ( a little only) , tannin present in the plant gives a coating on ulcer, which help to prevent direct contact between acids and ulcer. 

b. Dalchini and tamlapatra contains E-cinnamaldehyde and o-methoxy cinnamaldehyde both of them shows anti inflammatory property.

c. Mustha contains a chemical ,  Isocyperol it shows  anti-inflammatory property.

d. 1.  Shunti contains anti histamine substances,   2. it also increases the blood circulation around the stomach thus aids the healing, 3.  It also increases the ‘antral contraction’ of the stomach, so stomach became empty early.   


3. Cough

a. Effect of trikatu not going to describe this post ( for shortening this post )

b. Trivrith shows carbachol and high K+-induced contractions - bronchodilator activities and CNS depressant activity

4. . Jaundice    


a. Clinical trial shows it is useful in jaundice 

b. Experiments in mice shows that it is useful in Hepatic fibrosis , liver cirrhosis. Useful in  enzymatic activity in liver, repairing in liver cells.


Caution :

Avipathi churna contains sugar, so my opinion is that better to avoid diabetes patient daily usage of this powder.